I hope you fall in love with someone who makes you fall in love with the entire world

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I’m not just a girl.
Im a storm with skin
and I can’t be contained
by simple pats on the back and kisses on the cheek and empty conversation.

Because your bitter banter

Doesn’t stop the pitter patter of the rain on Sundays.

Or the tidal wave of suicidal crazed midnights that poured out of my calendar on autumn nights

And no one noticed the flood until it turned red in December.
The sixth night of that bitter month death invited a generous hand
but at the final moments of sealing our contract I drew my pen away.

The deal seemed like one I couldn’t pass up.

I let down everyone I love and everyone I love tried to build me back up with their advice of

"Why don’t you just try being happy?"

It would have been one more middle finger to everyone who watched you slip.

And didn’t say a god damned WORD.

My mother prayed for sheep

But raised two wolves.

Wolves that make sure the rest of the pack eats their fill before taking their turn.

But the minute I decided to seize my slice of happiness I was ostracized.

Condemned like caring about my happiness for the first time in forever was the eighth deadly sin.

And I was to be banished out of friendships because of debts I did not intend to sell myself into.

But then I realized.


The only person I owe is the one who cared,

offered warm words on cold nights,

Light condolences on dark days,

And never just
"it’ll be okay"
But rather,
"Ill HELP you make it okay"

After being told for so long that
“Diana no one will love you after me.”

"You’re useless."

"You’re lucky I don’t kill you”
“Because I could.”

Someone extended a hand and took it all away.
And I am thankful.

Death himself stands in fear of the universe I now hold in my hands because

I: am infinite.

for the first time in all my existence I am sure that I am happy with who I stand by

And I will NEVER In my life apologize for that again.

It’s not my fault I’m happy.

I won’t be sorry for that anymore.

I’ve signed the truce with myself.

All I’ve ever wanted in my life

Was for someone to fall in love with my mind.

The way I think.

I have it now.

And though I daydreamed often I still underestimated how long it would leave me smiling for

When I learned someone cared

And loved me in such a beautiful way.

So I’m no longer afraid to say:

I’m in love with you

And all that you have done.

Thank you for my truce.

HI my names Diana and I started a poetry blog.

The url is a shitty play on words from Pulp Fiction because it’s one of my favorite movies, bye. Divinesilvervention




how i ask people not to touch me

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blast from the fucking past omg



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do u even lift (the spirits of those around you through encouragement and positive feedback)?

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At that moment I swear we were brandon’s dog.


At that moment I swear we were brandon’s dog.


unleash hell for just $1.25


unleash hell for just $1.25

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i played a video game once and now im gay and i kill people

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are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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